Unilock Is Backing Up Our Workmanship
Authorized Contractor Workmanship Guarantee

In the event of a valid claim against workmanship, the original Authorized Contractor is required to meet the cost of rectification. Unilock Authorized Contractors who refuse to repair faulty workmanship within their warranty period will lose their Authorized status.

However, Unilock believes so strongly in the quality of the workmanship and integrity of contractors in the program, that should a Unilock Authorized Contractor be unable or refuse to fulfill their warranty obligations, Unilock will step in and repair major structural failures* of projects due to workmanship where Unilock product was installed residentially, for a period of two years from the date of installation.

Unilock only guarantees projects that are 100% Unilock product. Minor settling or aesthetic imperfections are excluded from the Unilock Authorized Contractor Workmanship Guarantee. Issues which arise due to unknown soil or groundwater conditions beneath the prepared base, are excluded from this warranty.