Retaining Walls

Walls of all shapes and sizes for any purpose

Just about anyone can make a stop at the big box stores and pick up a truck load of so called “retaining wall block." The problem with that is retaining walls are not just for looks and must be designed and built to last. Material selected should be complimentary to your home and existing landscape. Site planning and consideration of soil make-up, water abatement and overall purpose of the retainment must be factored in to the design and construction, There are specific engineering standards that must be followed for walls over 4 feet in height. Many local communities require various permits to move specific amounts of soil and change the contour of existing landscapes. Don’t make the mistake of starting a costly project like a retaining wall without having all of your bases covered. Our walls are not only beautiful, but do what they are designed to do, retain earth, not only for the short term, but also for decades to follow.