Simple walkways to firepits to outdoor living patios

It used to be that you had but only a handful of brick choices when installing a patio or walk. Today, we offer countless varieties of brick, stone and man-made products for a truly unique patio or walk. We also offer options from stamped concrete to brick with colors and patterns limited only to your imagination. We install our patios and walks to last by removing all the topsoil from the site.  We then compact crushed limestone to the proper depth and using a laser, acquire the proper grade and taper to allow water to run off the surface. Once the brick or stone is installed, we secure the edges of the patio so it won’t move and fill the field with special sand or in some cases, mortar, in order to provide a life-long installation. Think of a patio as an extension of your home's interior. Complimented with overflowing pots of annuals and distinctive landscape lighting, your patio will be the gathering place for many years to come. Many of our patios feature masonry knee walls and distinctive pillars to further compliment your outdoor setting. Arched steps and intricate field patterns are sure to impress even the most discerning eye. Contact us for a consultation and design to see how your yard can be transformed.