New lawn installs, tree and plant installs, full landscape remodel

Lawn Installation

With a name like “Turf’ s Up” we better know what we’re talking about when it come to lawns. We have proven year in and year out that our lawns stand the test of time. Turf we install is made up of the highest quality seed blends we can use. We don’t settle for “off the shelf “ prepackaged blends most other companies use, rather we have customized our own blend of seed that offers the highest disease resistance, produces less seed heads stalks, mows better and stays greener than blends used by others. Things like soil condition, available moisture, nutrient levels, slopes, and sunlight exposure are just a few of the elements that will play a vital role in the seed we choose for your lawn. Long before we spread the first seed, we do our homework to see what will be best for your project.