Fertilizing and weed control program for a healthy lawn

Designed and perfected over  a period of almost 3 decades,  our “Weed & Feed” program is second to none. We combine the best of both worlds when we use either liquid or granular products to control weeds, insects, diseases and improve the color and density of your lawn. Did you know that the average sized suburban seeded lawn (about 10,000 square feet) can absorb over 6000 gallons of water without runoff? A healthy lawn plays a vital role in improving not only the value of your real estate but the oxygen we breathe every day. All lawns are not created equal. Even lawns on the same block can have vastly different nutrient requirements. Thatch build up can even vary from one part of your yard to another. Our lawn care program starts with a detailed analysis of your lawn. We measure the entire turf area, evaluate the turf types, thatch levels, weeds present and check for disease and insect problems and that’s just to get started. We then consider light intensity, soil conditions, mowing height and overall cultural practices before suggesting a program to bring out the best in your lawn. We continue to work with you throughout the season to offer suggestions to improve your lawn. We offer prepay and senior discounts but best of all, we do whatever it takes to keep you happy and keep your lawn looking like a Turf’s Up lawn!
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Early Spring We apply the correct the amount of turf food along with a pre-emergent herbicide to stop weeds and undesirable grasses before they germinate and become a problem in your lawn.

Early Summer A compliment to your first application, this visit consists of phosphorus-free fertilizer in granular form designed to promote overall health, vigor and color of your lawn. Weed controls are used to knock out fast growing summer weeds that can be a problem this time of year. We also inspect for insect and disease problems.

Midsummer Important micronutrients are necessary this time of year to allow your lawn to fight of pests and diseases that try to take over in hotter months. Our fertilizer blends release over time to avoid burning and sudden surges of top growth. Any visible weeds are treated during this visit as well.

Fall As temperatures cool and lawns begin to develop root structures that will carry the grass plants through winter, our fall application is of great importance for a healthy lawn.

Late Fall  Just before winter sets in, we offer a late fall application of premium slow release fertilizer to feed your lawn in the remaining weeks before freeze up and dormancy.  In spring, as your lawn slowly comes out of a dormant state, there will be nutrients there to help with a quicker green up as the season starts.  Remember, lawns continue to store food reserves in their root systems all fall even though you have stopped mowing and temperatures are cool.